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You can count on our locally-owned business for exemplary services for buying and selling precious metals. If you want to collect these items as an investment opportunity or want to cash in your gold and silver items, let us help.


Gold and silver are highly valuable and make a great choice for buyers and sellers. You'll see that gold holds its steady value even in times of worldwide financial crises. Since gold is bought and sold in U.S. dollars, its price increases as the dollar’s price decreases. Its price also rises with inflation.

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Don't just go to any gold and silver dealer. Choose our experienced business that is insured / bonded for the most reliable services. Find a unique selection of gold and silver goods to purchase or to sell us.

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  • Gold / silver coins

  • Dental gold

  • Gold / sterling silver jewelry

  • Watches, broaches, rings, and necklaces

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You can explore many other choices for buying and selling your collectibles. Besides gold and silver, we also offer jewelry and other items. Get a great value for your estate items as well, and turn your coin collection into cash!

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